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**Vision Statement: Every Student; Every Day**Mission Statement: To inspire every student to reach their full potential.**Statement of Goals: Focus on every student. Invest in our staff. Partner with our community.**.
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Coordinated School Health

Health Services

Health services are provided and/or supervised by school health nurses to appraise, protect, and promote the health of students. These services include assessment, planning, coordination of services and direct care for all children, including those with special health care needs.

The vision of the Fayette County Schools Department of Coordinated School Health Nursing Program is to provide student centered quality heath services to all students according to Fayette County Schools policy as well as Tennessee State Law and the Departments of Health and Education Guidelines/ Mandates.

We strive to identify and address acute and chronic health issues in a seamless systematic manner that will improve educational outcomes and academic achievement. Our vision is put into action through the efforts of the nursing program in concert with other FCS departments, community agencies and organizations.

It is the mission of FCS to meet the health needs of all students in a manner that will minimize the disruption of the educational process, improve attendance, provide health information, and in addition make that information accessible and useful for those with a legitimate need to know.

Communicate with parents/guardians, and providers as needed to plan and implement necessary safeguards and programs.

Collaborate with other stakeholders to improve the health and educational experience of all students by implementing comprehensive and child-centered program.

Role of the School Nurse

It is the Role of the School Nurse to:
  • Work with parents/guardians, providers to obtain necessary health information
  • Assist with the paperwork and process associated with the setup of mandated school health screenings at appropriate grade levels annually
  • Report suspected child abuse
  • Participate in providing first aid for students and staff
  • Participate in Home Visits
  • Manage communicable disease
  • Provide appropriate referrals to medical providers
  • Participate in IEP/504 meetings
  • To assist with the review of enrollment requirements (Immunization and Physical Examination) and follow up on non compliance situations
  • Review Confidential Health Forms and develop a school problem list
    Determine the level of health services needed for the student population
  • Ensure the required and necessary paperwork is on file for specific and health conditions or issues
  • Provide oversight and works with the Medical Records Clerk (immunization compliance/medication administration/ mandated health screening data entry/ medication administration quality assurance audits {Oct./Feb.)
  • Assist with the paperwork and process associated with the setup and completion of mandated school health screenings at appropriate grade levels annually a member of the Healthy School Team

FCS School Nurses
Health Promotion

Health promotion for students and staff includes opportunities to improve individual health status through activities such as health assessments, health education and health-related fitness activities. These opportunities encourage a healthy lifestyle that contributes to an improved health status, improved morale, and a greater personal commitment to the school's overall coordinated school health program.

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