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Assessment » TCAP Family Portal

TCAP Family Portal

Parents and guardians deserve clear information about their child’s education and progress. To meet this need,  we are excited to share a useful tool from the Tennessee Department of Education—the TCAP Family Portal.  The TCAP Family Portal is available for families of students who participated in the spring 2021 TCAP  administration and track your student’s scores over time. We look forward to hearing your feedback on this  improved tool and encourage you to share your opinion—look for the feedback survey within the portal. 

Each year, parts of the Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program (TCAP) are given to all students in  grades 3 through high school for educators and families to measure what students know, where there are  opportunities for growth, and how they can best support students. 

On the TCAP Family Portal, families can find detailed, personalized, information about their student’s progress  and what to do next. In the TCAP Family Portal, you can: 

  • get immediate, on-demand access to your student’s state test results via your phone or computer
  • track your student’s progress over time with the “Test History” feature 
  • learn the areas where your student demonstrated strengths and the areas where they can grow
  • find clear next steps to help your student improve. 

Families can register for the portal at familyreport.tnedu.gov with their student’s state ID number. Your  student's state ID, which is also referred to as a USID, is located on the top left-hand corner of your student's  printed score report. If you do not have a score report to reference, please contact your school and ask for your  student's state ID number. Use the seven-digit number found on your student's ISR and add two zeroes in front  of that number. The resulting nine-digit number will enable you to create an account for your student. For  example, a state ID 1234567 would become 001234567. Data from the spring 2021 window will be available in  the portal Friday, July 30 for TCAP and Friday, August 20 for TCAP-Alternate. 

The online portal and the printable reports were designed with input from Tennessee families and include easy to-understand icons, clear next-step language, and visual displays. In addition to this resource, families will  continue to receive printed score reports for the annual state tests from their student’s school.