Fayette County Public Schools

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**Vision Statement: Every Student; Every Day**Mission Statement: To inspire every student to reach their full potential.**Statement of Goals: Focus on every student. Invest in our staff. Partner with our community.**
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Director of Fayette County Schools

Dr. Marlon King was appointed in 2012 to serve as executive director of the southwest region Center of Regional Excellence (CORE) for the Tennessee Department of Education. Working with eighteen superintendents, he led the Race to the Top reform effort for one of the most diverse regions in the state, positioning it as the leading region in growth for two consecutive years.  Prior to that, he had served since 2008 as superintendent of Haywood County Schools, where his advocacy and focus on improving schools through early literacy development and effective school leadership led to dramatic growth gains and increased graduation rates.  More recently, he returned to district level work as superintendent of Fayette County Public Schools and initiated what he had gleaned from observing statewide district work and trends.  A proponent of school board development, public school perception, and school level leadership, he leveraged stakeholder engagement to develop the Imagine 21: 5-year Strategic Plan. He has been nominated as one of only twelve superintendents in the state to serve as a member of the Leading Innovation for Tennessee Education (LIFT) network. Dr. King has received many awards and much recognition for leadership and community service. He has a strong belief in moral values, and his mantra is service to others. Dr. King and his wife, Latisha King, a middle school teacher, and their son, Hudson, who attends Oakland Elementary School, live in Hickory Withe/Eads, Tennessee (Fayette County).